Sally Garbett, Apprenticeship lead and Vocational Programmes Manager, St Christopher's Hospice

Sally Garbett, Apprenticeship lead and Vocational Programmes Manager, St Christopher’s Hospice

Information and advice on Apprenticeships and vocational workforce developments for members of the Information Hub

Attracting new groups to careers in healthcare

To provide high quality end of life and wider healthcare requires a flexible, well trained and stable workforce.

We need to find additional ways of attracting diverse groups to careers in healthcare, offering progression and utilising Apprenticeships to provide debt free options into Nursing and other regulated healthcare roles.

It is increasingly important to develop our ability to “grow our own”, becoming less reliant on recruiting externally to fill vacancies from a shrinking pool of qualified staff.

Providing support for apprenticeships and vocational developments

Apprenticeships and other vocational developments offer us new opportunities and to optimise the benefits these bring and embed initiatives within our workforce development approaches requires a firm grasp of the detail. This is where the Information Hub can help.

The Information Hub replaces the National Hospice Education Collaborative which has provided advice and information through a grant for 2 years.

Services designed to respond to your needs

We have completely revised the services offered and aim to be responsive to your individual queries, provide news and updates and have a resources section with information from a variety of sources so you can access it quickly and easily.

We have developed good relationships with and have expert contributors from Awarding Organisations, HEIs and Providers and Health Care bodies.

St Christopher’s and the Information Hub

St Christopher’s has been involved in the Apprenticeship reforms and Trailblazer groups since 2014 and the changes to every aspect of Apprenticeships and vocational education are unprecedented. Our sector faces great challenges but also many opportunities.

We hope that the Information Hub will support our collective voice and empower our organisations to play an active role in future education and development of the workforce to deliver improved care.

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