Nurse Degree Apprenticeships: In poor health?

A report from the House of Commons Education Committee December 2018

Posted 10 December 2018 by Sally Garbett

The House of Commons Education Committee have published a report into Nurse Degree Apprenticeships. It discusses the challenges of implementing the RN Apprenticeships and explains many of the reasons why this may be, including the lack of understanding by Apprenticeship regulators of how different these NMC regulated Degree Apprenticeships are from “ordinary” Degree Apprenticeships. It makes some positive recommendations including use of the Levy to reduce employer costs and lobbying HEE for increased CPD funding for RNs. I am disappointed (but not surprised) by the NHS focus as hospices in England need these and the Nursing Associate Apprenticeships as much…... Read more

Trailblazer Group revisions to the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Standard

The Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Standard is being revised by the Trailblazer Group in line with the new NMC Standards

Posted 16 October 2018 by Sally Garbett

The timescales are tight for these changes as the revised Standard must be in place for March 2019. Many of you will have staff entering Nursing Associate Apprenticeships or will be considering this, so I hope the below information is helpful. I will be at the Hospice UK Conference running a session on Apprenticeships if you would like to know more. The NMC Register opens on 29th Jan 2019 for Nursing Associates! The Trailblazer group revising the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Standard comprises employers, the NMC, the RCN and a number of HEIs involved in delivery. It is led by Sam Donohue from…... Read more

New NMC standards

Nursing, Midwifery and Nursing Associate

Posted 16 October 2018 by Sally Garbett

Dear all, you will be aware the NMC has now released their revised standards. You may also be aware that within these documents are the NMC Standards for the Nursing Associate. You can find the below documents in the resources section of this website: Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates Practice environment case studies for Nursing Associates – this contains case studies to help advise on practice placements and the variety of experience required by Nursing Associates Protected learning time in practice NAs – this provides clarity on protected learning time for Nursing Associates,…... Read more

Selection criteria for applicants for NA Apprenticeships

Discussing the entry criteria for applicants

Posted 6 September 2018 by Sally Garbett

I had an interesting discussion with an HEI provider of the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship yesterday about the entry criteria for applicants. The HEI Level descriptors describe the challenge of higher level study in behavioural as well as academic terms and are a necessary tool as an assessment of potential as well as for our supervisors/mentors in making judgements about the skills and knowledge they “sign off” in the workplace. Many of you will be familiar with these. (download a copy at I am concerned that some HEIs are going to exclude applicants by imposing a narrow initial assessment of…... Read more

Level 3 Senior Health Care Support Worker Apprenticeship Standard

The revised plan for the Level 3 Senior Health Care Support Worker has been published

Posted 6 September 2018 by Sally Garbett

The revised plan for the Level 3 Senior Health Care Support Worker has been published and can be seen by following the below link. This is the Apprenticeship Standard that the FE week article suggests is to have a funding increase from £3000 to £5000 (as yet unconfirmed by Skills for Health) You may already have staff undertaking this apprenticeship and be wondering how this affects their End Point Assessment – do they follow the old or new plan? Skills for Health have said that Apprentices who have completed less than 50% of their apprenticeship can switch to the new…... Read more

Potential funding increase for Senior Health Care Support Worker Apprenticeships

FE week has published news of the likely funding increase for the above Apprenticeships Standard

Posted 31 August 2018 by Sally Garbett

I am surprised to see this “in print” so soon – I am part of the Trailblazer group that submitted evidence for this funding review and we were made aware that this increase was a recommendation but advised to hold off sharing the information until confirmation had been received. As it is in FE Week, I am sharing their article. If this funding increase is happening then it is great news for us all. The Level 3 Senior HCSW standard was funded at £3000; the same funding band as the Level 2 and many thousands lower than that for a…... Read more

Why the low numbers in take up for RN Apprenticeships

Sally Garbett outlines some of the challenges that need to be addressed

Posted 16 June 2018 by Sally Garbett

There were only 30 starts up to the end of January this year which is in sharp contrast to Public Health England’s hoped for target of 2400. This was discussed at the Commons education committee and reassuringly the discussions focussed on the practicalities and financial challenges – the quality of the programme and philosophy at the heart of it is not in question. Here are some of the challenges that need to be addressed: Cost: The RN Apprentice is governed by NMC regulation and is therefore supernumerary. It is the only supernumerary Degree level Apprenticeship – not just in health,…... Read more

Want to know what health apprenticeship standards exist or are in development?

Want to develop a new Apprenticeship Standard?

Posted 17 May 2018 by Sally Garbett

Skills for Health are responsible for leading on the development of a number of Apprenticeships and have published a document showing the status of current standards with links to the documents which support them. Download Skills for Health apprenticeships standards (PDF) Have you identified a job role for  which there is no Apprenticeship and are you interested to see how you might begin to develop one? Go to the Institute of Apprenticeship website to find out what this involves.... Read more