Are you on the Register of Apprenticeship Providers?

You must join the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) if you wish to be paid for your part in Apprenticeship delivery

There is an important change to regulation that now requires you to be on the government’s apprenticeships register (RoATP) which requires all those who contribute to delivery delivering the programmes to be listed on it.

The only way to secure the quality of many of the Apprenticeships we offer our staff is to ensure we are part of the delivery process. You can be paid for your part in delivery from the Apprenticeship funding however you need to be registered.

From 12 December the RoATP re opens indefinitely and you will need to be on it if you wish to be paid for your part in Apprenticeship delivery.

The new register requirements are summarised below:

  • All organisations delivering apprenticeship training must be on the RoATP.
  • By August 2019, it will be a funding rule requirement for all subcontractors delivering apprenticeship training to be listed on the RoATP including those delivering less than £100k a year as a subcontractor.
  • Main providers and employer providers must directly deliver apprenticeship training. Employers and providers that only want to operate as a subcontractor will need to apply to become a supporting provider.
  • Providers not currently listed on the RoATP and want to be an apprenticeship training provider may apply when the RoATP re-opens for applications from 12 December 2018.
  • As the register is now open throughout the year, with no closing date, providers only need to apply at the point they are ready to deliver.
  • All providers currently on the RoATP will have to go through the new process; we will invite them to re-apply in phases during 2019.
  • Supporting providers (subcontractors) can only receive funding of up to a maximum of £500,000 per year, and this is limited to £100,000 in their first year if they have no recent history of apprenticeship delivery.

Below is further government guidance on the new register:

Please contact me at if you need any specific advice on this.


Written by

Sally Garbett


28, November 2018


About the Author

Sally Garbett

Sally Garbett

Education and Apprenticeship associate, St Christopher's Hospice

Sally Garbett is the Apprenticeship lead and Vocational Programmes Manager at St Christopher’s where her role is to manage and develop apprenticeships and the vocational education and qualifications offered to external and internal staff. Sally has been involved in Apprenticeships since 1995 and most recently in the development of the healthcare standards, including the Nursing Associate role. Prior to working for St Christopher’s Sally was a freelance consultant and has over twenty five years' experience in qualification development, regulatory activities and delivery. She is also a licensed and qualified user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to develop teams and individuals.

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