Standards for nurses

Documents comprising:

1. Learning culture

We’ll only approve programmes where the learning culture is ethical, open and honest, and is conducive to safe and effective learning that respects the principles of equality and diversity. Innovation, inter-professional learning and team working should be embedded in the learning culture.

2. Educational governance and quality

We expect education providers to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

3. Student empowerment

We want students to be empowered and provided with the learning opportunities they need to achieve the desired proficiencies and programme outcomes.

4. Educators and assessors

We’ll seek assurance that those who support, supervise and assess students are suitably qualified, prepared and skilled, and receive the necessary support for their role.

5. Curricula and assessment

We set standards for curricula and assessment that enable students to achieve the outcomes required to practise safely and effectively in their chosen area.


Nursing and Midwifery Council

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